Robin is very proud of his commercial partnerships. He wants to thank all of his sponsors he had in the past and present for giving him the opportunity to invest in his career. Please click on the 'visit website' button to find out more about each sponsor.

If you would like to be involved in Robin’s career please contact us.

Sponsorship opportunities or other issues contact:

  • Head

    After having played with Head rackets for years, Robin now is also wearing Head clothing. “I am proud to be a member of the Head team”.

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  • Sport1

    Sport1 is not only a partner to Robin but is also supporting the Dutch tennis. “I love all sports and I am happy with a company like Sport1.”

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  • Tempo Team

    Tempo-Team has sponsored me for more than 10 years now.

    “I am very grateful to them, I don’t think i need to say more…”

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Tennis, like anything else in life, has evolved in the past few years.
Material changed the game. Strength, endurance and much more other physical
aspects are more important. Practice is one thing that can make you better
but in the end it is all about details. That is why I looked for help to
look if I can improve my fitness by knowing exactly what kind of nutritions
I need.

BgSports is helping me to get better and try to get the best out of me.
Not only in tennis this research helps me but also in my daily life.

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De stichting “Sport Helpt” organiseert droomontmoetingen tussen ernstig zieke
kinderen en zijn of haar (Olympische & ex)droomsporter. Ieder kind verdient
een lach op zijn of haar gezicht en daarvoor is deze stichting in het leven
geroepen. Al jaren wordt ik gevraagd om ambassadeur te worden voor een goed
doel maar elke keer besloot ik het niet te doen. Bij Sport Helpt hoefde ik
gewoon minuut over na te denken. Voordat deze stichting bestond ging ik al
langs bij ernstig zieke mensen. Het is heel dankbaar om zoiets te kunnen
doen en ben ik trots om een van de honderden atleten te zijn die deze
stichting steunt.

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